Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I forwarded this, about a Mexican woman who lives eight hours from the nearest hospital so she performed a Caesarean on herself using a kitchen knife and some liquor, to my (numerous) Latin American coworkers. The consensus seems to be that A) Mexican women are as macho as the men, and B) not enough credit is given to this fact in discussing gender equity in Latin America.

See how easy it is for economists to suck all the fun out of something as crazy as a do it yourself Caesearean?
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Oh, and in other news, I started watching three new TV shows this season, which is an unusually high number for me. What do Playing It Straight, Century City, and Wonderfalls have in common? They were all cancelled in less than three weeks.

Hey, I'm white, 18-49, live in a big city, make a decent salary and don't have any kids. Why are my whims not being catered to on television? I mean, other than on American Idol.

The Wonderfalls site is even disabled. It's all so sad. I can't help but think it's because I complained that the exteriors were obviously shot in Canada, and that no one from the American side refers to Niagara Falls as "Niagara". They might as well be wearing Mountie Uniforms and gargling with maple syrup.
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